Lynden Smith

November 2018

A photographer based in Geelong, Australia, Lynden has been capturing images since last century and switched to digital photography in 2004. Since then Photoshop has become as important to him as his beloved Canon camera, and while he has mastered both, he says that nobody can ever fully conquer Photoshop!

Setting himself an initial goal of publishing 365 photos in 365 days on his webpage and various social media sites, Lynden kept on going and has now passed 2,600 daily images with accompanying blogs. He says that the discipline of crafting an image every day has dramatically improved the photographs he produces, while reaching 33,000 followers on Google Plus was all the endorsement he needed that his work was being appreciated.

Lynden was born in the Wimmera but has lived in Geelong at the beginning of the Great Ocean Road for the past twenty years. His wife Christine is also a photographer and artist, and both can be found at their respective computers most evenings creating art pieces from their previous photographic expeditions.

You can find Lynden's daily photo at www.LyndenSmith.com and on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

This quote best sums up Lynden's work; “I’m creating art. I’m not trying to duplicate reality. Photography has never been able to duplicate reality, and if it could, it’s not art.” Ken Rockwell.