Wye River, Victoria, Australia

Thursday 19 July 2018

I particularly love this image of the Wye River beach. It was taken before sunrise, but with the lovely deep colours of the impending day ahead. The receding tide has left a puddle of water on the beach, and the wet sand is reflecting the sky perfectly. What a magic time of day to be visiting this beautiful spot on the Great Ocean Road! (2478)

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Liffey Falls, Tasmania, Australia

Wednesday 18 July 2018

One of the things that struck me when I was walking to the Liffey Falls, was just how tall the tree ferns were. Given that tree ferns grow very slowly, these ones must have been ancient. Walking along the path I felt like a little kid, both because of the enormous size of the ferns, but also the building excitement, and feeling impatient to see the falls at the end of my journey. (2477)

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Aireys Inlet, Victoria, Australia

Tuesday 17 July 2018

A very early morning image of the Aireys Inlet beach, with a hint of pink in the sky, soft turquoise & white waves, and not a sole to be seen. I love this time of the day, although getting out of bed is very difficult during the winter months. I can't wait until it warms up again. (2476)

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Portarlington, Victoria, Australia

Monday 16 July 2018

'Portarlington Bayside Miniature Railway, is Geelong’s only 7.25 and 5 inch Miniature Railway and Australia’s only railway located on a foreshore. The railway is located on eight hectares of open picturesque native parklands, directly adjacent to the beautiful beach’s of Portarlington overlooking Port Phillip Bay. The Facility offers a vintage Railway Station and Signal Box with an undercover platform. The magic and charm of the miniature railway has brought enjoyment and fun to a generation of families over many years since the first operated public running day in January 1999.' [miniaturerailway.com.au] (2475)

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Drysdale, Victoria, Australia

Sunday 15 July 2018

With friends today, we travelled through Drysdale, on the Bellarine Peninsula. A quick stop at Lake Lorne and I was able to capture some lovely reflections of the trees that are growing in the water. I'm assuming that the water is at a higher level than normal, causing the trees to have wet feet. It was the wrong time of day to photograph this type of scene, but the clouds certainly added to the image. (2474)

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Donaghys Hill, Tasmania, Australia

Saturday 14 July 2018

Travelling from the east coast to the west, I passed through the amazing wilderness area of Tasmania. Every now and then, there would be a clearing where the mountains came into view and I could see the vastness of the national park. One such clearing was at Donaghys Hill, so I stopped the car and walked to the edge of the parking area and captured this image of the beautiful Tasmania landscape. (2473)

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Friday 13 July 2018

This is just one of the beautiful fountains in and around Melbourne. It overlooks St Kilda Road and you can see one of the iconic trams in the background. This would normally be a very busy thoroughfare but it was early in the morning when I visited, so no one was around, thank goodness. (2472)

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Addiscot Beach, Victoria, Australia

Thursday 12 July 2018

The blue hour was just finishing and the colour of the rising sun began to appear. I stood watching the spectacular, with my tripod steadied and my camera pointed at these large rocks, the only point of interest at this location. In my apparent enthusiasm for capturing a good image, I forgot the one thing that could ruin the experience, the ocean! It decided to take a swipe at me, with a larger than anticipated wave washing over my boats and half way up my legs. There is a point where a serious photographer thinks to them self, will I hang on as my camera is halfway through the shot, or should I flee out of harm's way. I went for the serious option. (2471)

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Boat Harbour Beach, Tasmania, Australia

Wednesday 11 July 2018

I found that the rocks on the beaches in Tasmania were very different to those I experience along the Great Ocean Road. The red stains on many of the beaches are an example of this difference, and certainly, make a boring image much more interesting. This image at Boat Harbour Beach is just such an example, with the red strip on the rocks a standout part of the photography. (2470)

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Red Rocks Beach, Victoria, Australia

Tuesday 10 July 2018

I battled the elements at Red Rocks Beach. I walked along the track that went above the rocks only to find that there wasn't a way to safely get down to the beach. I carefully climbed over dozens of huge rocks and safely avoided breaking any limbs or camera gear, so as to find a place to take a decent photo, but the sea was incredibly rough. The sky was also overcast and threatening rain, so I pushed on quickly, taking this and a number of other images of a slightly coloured sky, and of course the aptly named red rocks. After the disappointment of not finding a postcard-worthy picture, I had to walk a huge distance back to the car. Not my most successful photographic adventure. (2469)

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Nelson Falls, Tasmania, Australia

Monday 9 July 2018

The Nelson Falls are almost hidden from view as I walked back along the river from the viewing area. I find it amazing at how much the National Park changes each time I visit, with large trees that have fallen, new trees beginning to grow, moss and fungi flourishing while debris from large winter flows has been strewn along the river bank. Nature is ever changing. (2468)

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Grassy Creek, Victoria, Australia

Sunday 8 July 2018

The rocks along our Great Ocean Road still amaze me. These ones at Grassy Creek, near Eastern View, are the remnants of ancient lava flows, with intricate patterns trapping water from the receding tide. On the morning I visited, there was cloud low on the horizon, and also along the coastal hills, yet the sun was incredibly bright. Not a bad morning to be alive! (2467)

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Aireys Inlet, Victoria, Australia

Saturday 7 July 2018

I was walking back to my car, after shooting an amazing sunrise at Aireys Inlet when I looked around and spotted a different scene. It was completely different from when I walked to the beach earlier in the near dark. I do love sunbursts like this, and while I don't usually like lots of footprints in the sand, on this occasion they caught the sun nicely, for some foreground interest. (2466)

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Docklands, Victoria, Australia

Friday 6 July 2018

Docklands, on the fringe of Melbourne's CBD still amazes me, with its wonderful architecture and the quirky street art. Not to mention the lovely water that reflects the surrounding buildings, and old reminders of the past with bollards and the mooring points where cargo boats once offloaded their goods. A walk through this precinct of the city is well worth your time. (2465)

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Wye River, Victoria, Australia

Thursday 5 July 2018

The Wye River has made some amazing patterns in the sand as it crosses the beach on its journey to the sea. I find it amazing that these intricate patterns can be found in nature, with no human intervention required. The sun nicely picked out the highs and lows of the artwork and provided a wonderful image for me to share. (2464)

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Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia

Wednesday 4 July 2018

Driving out of Wynyard, after having a lovely breakfast, I passed over the Inglis River and looked to my right at this scene. A quick detour, as you do when you are a photographer and I stopped for some photographic therapy. The water on the river was incredibly calm and the reflections of the clouds and trees were perfectly mirrored. This was a wonderful place to visit, and a great way to start the rest of the day. (2463)

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Melbourne, Victoria`, Australia

Tuesday 3 July 2018

'On a plinth in a pond stands “The Phoenix” by Baroness Yrsa Von Leistner. Baroness Yrsa Von Leistner is a German sculptor and painter, her sculptures are scattered around the world from Salzburg, to Goa, to Melbourne. Yrsa Von Leistner’s sculptures are influenced by Rodin’s modernism; the simplified form, the rough and materiality of her figures all indicate his influence. ' [melbourneartcritic.com] (2462)

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Linton, Victoria, Australia

Monday 2 July 2018

Only two months ago, when the weather was still pleasant and the sun was golden, autumn leaves were falling to the ground. This is my favourite time of the year, with the days a little shorter and not requiring the photographer to leave his bed too early in the morning. The colour of the trees is also a selling point as today's photograph demonstrates. They say that you shouldn't wish your life away, but I can't wait until next autumn, to once again enjoy the colour and comfort that the season provides. (2461)

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Nelson Falls, Tasmania, Australia

Sunday 1 July 2018

Just below the Nelson Falls, on Tasmania's west coast, the river continues on its way through the national park. The almost red water creates beautiful patterns in parts of the stream as it encounters rocks and fallen trees, but still manages to continue the journey towards the ocean. I love the soft light created by the canopy overhead, with the occasional shaft of light to illuminate the image. (2460)

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